La Rosa – The Rose

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I hope you ladies are ready for the release of my Spring 2017

Rosita Collection. Debuting one week from now

Thursday Feb 16th 2017



i been working on this collection for a few months and every piece has a dreamy story that im excited to share with you all.

xoxo- Jess!



C O M I N G – 2 0 1 7 –




Happy Thursday ūüôā

Its been a longggg while i haven’t been here on my blog, But super excited to be back and be able to catch up with you all. Honestly i been crunched and caught up on tons of work and orders. Running my business has been non-stop ,but thankful and happy to be able to do this full time ! woooooo

Ok! so i have GREAT news ūüôā

My new Spring collection for 2017 is officially set for ( Feb 16th 2017 ) follow by a Pop- Up taking place Feb 18th ( More details on location and time soon) .

This collection is inspired by beautiful red roses, selena & the love of botanical florals . I wanted to come up with something extradordinary and dreamy for you all and i hope you all love this collection as much as i adore designing this collection.

So mark your calendar and set your alarm for

FEBRUARY 16, 2017


Con Amor y Paz : Jessica Resendiz ¬†‚̧

Shop Small these holidays


Hola! Ladies

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day ‚̧

i wanted to jump on here and spread the word for these holidays. As you can see holidays are approaching and is that time of year again. Remember to shop small this holiday and support small businesses on the grind.

Wether its a jeweler, baker or designer make sure to support everyones dream and passion.



CON AMOR Y PAZ : JESSICA.RScreen Shot 2016-11-16 at 5.45.37 PM.png

A M O R – E T E R N O


Oh Fall where have you been all this time…..

As i prepare for my new collection #AMORETERNO to release October 6th im also anxious to prepare for the following events below . If in the L.A area please make sure to come by and support the following events ill be part of. I will be kicking off by launching my new fall collection at my pop-up shop on Oct 15th . Please see below dates to save and all information needed. Remember all events are kid friendly and everyone is welcome!!


Amor Eterno Pop-Up Shop with Alicias Delicias

450 N Maclay Ave

San Fernando,CA 91340

From 12-5pm

FRIDAY OCTOBER 21 At Plaza De Cultura y Artes in Los Angeles

Noche De Cumbias

7pm – Up

501 N Main St

Los Angeles,CA 90012


Dia De Los Muertos Festival


628 Alamitos Ave

Long Beach,CA 90802


Hope to see you all soon!!!


Growing Up …..


Growing up I was never the one to follow other kids fashion styles. I wanted to stand out, be unique & have unusual trends. I wasn’t given the luxury to buy high end pieces as a kid, & even if I had the opportunity to i probably wouldn’t be happy with the clothing anyways.I grew up re-making and making my own clothes : from tops,jackets, shoes & backpacks. ¬†At that time I didn’t know about “fashion” neither too much about brands. My fashion inspirations mainly came from reading books, magazines & watching the magic school bus . I knew i was different, but didn’t know why until kids started to make fun of my clothing and asked why my clothing was always “weird ” looking . I’m not going to lie to you , but sometimes my feelings got hurt . I got over it and I never stopped being me and since then I’m still making my own clothing. I believe that when you start something you fully believe in its grows with you for the rest of your life. It’s a beautiful experience you learn to cherish, treasure and to be PROUD of . Never let anyone dull your shine and always be ” Different” different can lead to many great adventures and one in a lifetime opportunities.

On another note , here’s my bloody red fringe crossover bag I designed . Inspired by the love I have for “Roses” & “Mazapan”¬† . I been extremely busy I forgot to treat myself to something of my very own . I love it and it’s all Me ‚̧ԳŹūüĆĻ


New Journey ……


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today is definitely a Happy & Bittersweet Friday.

So let me share with you all a little story about me.

A very few of you¬†know a bit¬†about my personal life , And many don’t.¬† So let me¬†start by sharing a little bit of what’s going on.

4 years ago I started working for an apparel manufacturing company to pursue my knowledge, skills and gain experience. I cannot mention the name of the company for security reasons, but this company was by far the best job I’ve ever had. This company was more then just a company, but family oriented and very close to heart.

Well sometimes in life things come to an end and change is needed. So¬†this ¬†March I decided to leave my full time job to pursue my passion in design and business for it was a¬†hard decision to¬†fulfill, but a very much needed decision that¬†I needed to make sooner or later. Unfortunately¬†I’m not a robot and I can’t manage a full time job, a full¬†time business and¬†aside of that take care¬†of my 10yr old daughter. It becomes tiring, stressful and unhealthy. So with the help of my fianc√© Carlos, professional advice and a months & months of planning I made the decision to spread my wings out and follow my heart.

I’m extremely excited and definitely looking forward to running, managing and designing for my own company/business RaggedyTiff. It’s seriously a dream come true to be able to do something you LOVE so much and spend ¬†110%¬†more time¬†. That’s what excites me the most to be able to wake up everyday and hustle for what’s mine.

Back in 2013 when I made the choice to build a brand it was thoughtfully thought, but never knew how in the world¬†I was going to do it. It was¬†a scary step, but little by little it grew. Almost like a¬†rose :¬†When¬†you want to¬†grow some¬†roses¬†in your garden and in order to make sure they bloom they need care,attention,¬†& love.¬†And that’s what happens¬†when you start a ¬†brand!! You start from scratch and throughout the journey you see it bloom. It wont be easy at all and it wont be impossible either , You just need to be passionate and ready for the ups and downs.

With that being said !

I hope you all got a little inspired and motivated to go out to the world and get what’s yours, because nothing in this world will be handled to us! YOU have to take action, work hard & believe in your passion ( Never forget that)

So what’s next!

So much you guys!! And one of them is my upcoming¬†¬†Pop-Up Showcasing my new Summer #fridaporvida¬† next month June 30th . I will be having my new pieces for a whole month at this shop where you can come and shop, chat & get inspired! This shop will also consist of art pieces from¬†talented artist.¬†Goodies from pastries to¬†fresh flowers¬†! I’m so excited¬†for you all to come and witness this in person.

1st Pop-Up is June 30th ( Details on this flyer)

with special guest : @Aliciasdelicias



Hope to see you all!!!

Love: Jess.R


Dear Mami….


In Honor of Dia De Las Madres ( 10 De Mayo)

In Mexico we celebrate Dia¬† De Las Madres on May 10th & in honor I wanted to post something very special to heart. I don’t always post anything personal on here, but there’s days like this that have a meaning & I wanted to share with you all. This picture was probably taken on a summer weekend in the coastal beaches of San Diego. I was about 3yrs old and living the life of a toddler. I don’t know if you can see, but if you look closer I’m holding onto stuffed animals and perhaps¬†a baby doll¬†toy. I was never a Barbie lover, however now I’m one¬†vintage barbie¬†collector. I love collecting 1960’s barbies mostly limited edition ones. I guess people really¬†do¬†change throughout the years.

So why did I choose this picture over other pictures ?

Well …..

It shows my mom, myself, the beach & a huge heart my dad drew on the sand. Its my Parents initials and its my dad writing so I wanted to make sure it included the 3 of us. My Parents have always lived near the ocean and my mom always likes going till this day. I remember my dad use to take both of us for pick nicks, Cinco de Mayo,¬†4th of July , Fishing and¬†Surfing.¬†It was¬†always ” Vamos a la Playa”

This picture brings up so many beautiful memories¬†with my mom and my family that’s why I chose this picture. It¬†also reminds me¬†that a mothers love is¬†so strong¬†and unconditional from¬†when you are young to now.

Remember to always appreciate your mother & father . Mothers Day and Fathers Day should be everyday.

xoxo~ Jess.R


Happy Birthday Selena ! 4/16/16


Hello Ladies!

Its been quite a while that written anything here on my blog and I apologize. Its been really busy on my side with a huge show coming up, work and family. BUT! here I am keeping up with you all ladies and share with you all a little recap with the last event I had. The Selena Fan Gathering was a success and with so much love all around. From Music to food and great performances from great singers and musicians. There was also beautiful art work on display from talented artist, Their work was extremely beautiful in person.

Last, But not least the showcase of my ” Como La Flor” Avant Garde Gown. It was an honor and privilege for me to showcase such a lovely piece in honor Selena Birthday. I cannot express how grateful and amazing the love was felt. The feedback and peoples reaction, Simply mind blowing and simply thankful to share my passion with many people who appreciate my craft.

Overall this event was such an honor and success and anyone that missed it this year can definitely come next year.

Cant wait to show you all what ill be doing next year!

xoxo ~ Jess.R

Como La Flor by: Jessica Resendiz (RAGGEDYTIFF)

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Happy Thursday Everyone!

We are close to the weekend and for the #selenafangathering & Birthday Celebration taking place this Saturday 4/16/16 at Plaza De La Raza in Los Angeles,CA .I’m extremely excited to be part of this event and display my piece name ” Como La Flor” an avant garde gown dedicated to Selena Quintanilla. This Beautiful Piece took over 1 month to be designed and to be completed. I wanted to incorporate a huge ROSA and sparkly details because I knew Selena loved Sparkly and ¬†vibrant colors.

I hope you all get to see the piece in person and take pictures of it and if not I made this slideshow for you all to see the details, the piece and the gown. Hope you all love it as much as I do!.

Love: Jessica.R

Photos are mix from 2 of my favorite photographers

Carlos Ponce @carlos_ponce_


Carlos Perez @nixdad

Luna Mini Collection …….


Hello Everyone!

Happy Miercoles¬† ( Tuesday). It’s the middle of the week and Im currently crunched and stuffed with many events coming up, releases, photo-shoots and shows . But im definitely looking forward to many of these great events to approach.

If you all follow me on Instagram @raggedytiff I have been working on a beautiful gown inspired by our reina #selenaquintanilla. The piece that im working on will be on display next Saturday 4/16/16 at a gallery call : Plaza De La Raza in Los Angeles,CA ( Free Event and for Ages) Make sure to come on by and share this moment with all Selena Fans.

As you can see im also working¬†on a¬†super mini collection call ” Lunita Collection” Releasing on 5 De Mayo. Inspired by my recent Luna pieces and ofcouse the La Loteria. This mini collection will consist of Apparel, Jewelry & Some denim pieces !!! Everything will release on Thursday 5/5/16¬†on¬†my online store

xoxo: Jessica.R 11:58Am