Processed with VSCO with c3 presetHOLA Everyone !!

Feliz Viernes ( Friday ) Hope everyone is having a RAD day and ya’ll are ready for the weekend.

So! i wanted to come on here and check on y’alls ! and well… Share some news in regards my 2019 Summer #RAGGEDYTIFF Tour Pop Up Shop – AHHHHHH – so excited to announced the City line up 🙂

As you can see, this year im adding 2 new States/Cities like Houston TX ( oh shoot!, actually i don think anyone knows its Houston other then you guys on here 🙂 HA! All good though . So, Yes Houston, TX and Phoenix, AZ . All actual Dates will be announced soon via all my social media platforms and of course on here.

So! Start making Summer plans and come hang out with me. Tell your Besties, Primas , daughter/mother and all your squad .

KICK OFF TOUR WILL START HERE AT HOME IN LA – June 29th ( Time and address TBA)

Bay Area S.F ( July 2019 )

San Diego ( August)

Houston, TX ( August)

Phoenix, AZ ( September)

Cant wait ! and pls stay tuned for more details soon 🙂

xoxo- Jess

Hola Everyone !

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Hello Everyone !

How’s Everyone doing on this lovely Wednesday ( maybe for many not so lovely )

As you can see…. IG and FB have been down for the last few hours and ohhhhh MY GOD! its been a crazy , YET calm and soothing day for me . To be honest one of the calmest and peaceful day for me. It also reminded me how #life was before technology and social media.

Growing up in the mid 90’s we didn’t have what we have now . The first introduction to the internet was in the 5th grade and slowly started getting into the groove by 7th/8th grade when MAC was introduce to me ( Remember that blue futuristic Macintosh)  with the clear keyboard ? lol… yes that MAC computer.

& let me tell you when i was first introduce to Social Media >>> like AOL MSN , Cpixel, Blogger and then BOOM!!!! MYSPACE came into my life ….  Where i found it very fun and full of curiosity. I felt like myspace let me use my imagination and create the bomb–esttt !! timeline and features (Kinds miss that lol) But then Technology decided that it was not that cool and like that it was OVER.

This also reminds that not a lot of things in life last forever and that technology is moving rapidly and very FAST… .so fast sometimes i cant keep up. This also brought to my attention that we need to be prepare for glitches like whats happening with social media ( IG and FB) . Especially for businesses like myself that are run about 90% on the phone and these kind of social medias platforms we use. So instead of freaking out and feeling frustrated i decided to share these tips with you all ( specially if you own a small business )

  • Have a back up plan
  • Dont always rely on one or two social media platforms
  • Have more then one ( i say 4/5) different social platforms where you can connect with your followers or clients
  • Dont forget about updating your BLOG if you have one ( it happened to me )
  • Make a blog its free ( i use WordPress , been using it since 2010)
  • Be consisted on your blog post ( post at-least 1/2 a week )
  • Newsletters ( update and communicate with your subscribers )
  • Have a Website where people can find you, connect and contact you
  • DONT FREAK OUT !! instead stay calm and find solutions
  • Again have a BACK UP PLAN

Hope these tips and reminders help you out on times like these. Soon it will be over and we will forget , BUT please remember that nothing is forever and we have to be ready for anything.

For the meantime you can Find me at

email: raggedytiff@gmail.com

website: http://www.raggedytiff.com

or write to me at


PO BOX 57393


Con Amor your Girl : Jess Resendiz 

Arriba Las Mujeres ! Announcement


Buenos Dias Everyone!

Happy Tuesday !!

Sorry its taken me a long time to write on my blog …… Life has been extremely busy and well you know.  Priorities first.

I wanted to catch up with you and share with you all some exciting news for 2018 🙂

2 things actually ….

  1. Arriba Las Mujeres ( Como Tu ) 2018 Tour – This tour will consist of Motivational Speaking and celebrating the force of a Mujer ( Women ).
  2. & the reveal of my Con Amor by Jess.R Collection debuting late 2018 – Its taken my a long time to reveal this collection, but I promise it’ll be worth it :).

As the time gets closer Ill share more details on the above info. But for the meantime get ready to join me on this 2018 journey because together we can change the world.

Last ,but not least ….

Im going to be more active here on my blogs at least blog 1-2 times a week. How do ya’ll feel about that ?

with that being said:

Gracias for all continuous support & love !

I love you all so much

Con Amor y Paz: Jess.R 


C O M I N G – 2 0 1 7 –




Happy Thursday 🙂

Its been a longggg while i haven’t been here on my blog, But super excited to be back and be able to catch up with you all. Honestly i been crunched and caught up on tons of work and orders. Running my business has been non-stop ,but thankful and happy to be able to do this full time ! woooooo

Ok! so i have GREAT news 🙂

My new Spring collection for 2017 is officially set for ( Feb 16th 2017 ) follow by a Pop- Up taking place Feb 18th ( More details on location and time soon) .

This collection is inspired by beautiful red roses, selena & the love of botanical florals . I wanted to come up with something extradordinary and dreamy for you all and i hope you all love this collection as much as i adore designing this collection.

So mark your calendar and set your alarm for

FEBRUARY 16, 2017



Con Amor y Paz : Jessica Resendiz  ❤

Shop Small these holidays


Hola! Ladies

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day ❤

i wanted to jump on here and spread the word for these holidays. As you can see holidays are approaching and is that time of year again. Remember to shop small this holiday and support small businesses on the grind.

Wether its a jeweler, baker or designer make sure to support everyones dream and passion.



CON AMOR Y PAZ : JESSICA.RScreen Shot 2016-11-16 at 5.45.37 PM.png

A M O R – E T E R N O


Oh Fall where have you been all this time…..

As i prepare for my new collection #AMORETERNO to release October 6th im also anxious to prepare for the following events below . If in the L.A area please make sure to come by and support the following events ill be part of. I will be kicking off by launching my new fall collection at my pop-up shop on Oct 15th . Please see below dates to save and all information needed. Remember all events are kid friendly and everyone is welcome!!


Amor Eterno Pop-Up Shop with Alicias Delicias

450 N Maclay Ave

San Fernando,CA 91340

From 12-5pm

FRIDAY OCTOBER 21 At Plaza De Cultura y Artes in Los Angeles

Noche De Cumbias

7pm – Up

501 N Main St

Los Angeles,CA 90012


Dia De Los Muertos Festival


628 Alamitos Ave

Long Beach,CA 90802


Hope to see you all soon!!!