“Pill BoX Hat ” inspirations for my 2013 Box Hat/Hairpiece #RaggedyTiff Line

This is so Freaking FAB! ( Metallic Fabric Leather)

Im challenging myself to take my creativity skills to the next level for my 2013 Raggedy Tiff Collection.Im thinking of a new Pill Box Era, Perhaps the Box hat will tell a story of ” Who you are”.

My 1st Sample Pill Box Hat will probably be done sometime next August. Will keep you posted!

Peace & Happiness : Jessica Resendiz Designer/Founder #RaggedyTiff

Hand Made-Paper Flowers with Sugar-Skull & Stones

Hand Made-Paper Flowers with Sugar-Skull & Stones

Made this Headband about 2 months ago, Took me a while to actually finish this piece. The Flowers where made by me -Hand Crafted these-. The Yellow part of this headband is a very fine Velvet fabric that i use.

-Anyways just wanted to show a bit of what i finished working on…..