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So i decided to let a bit of my thoughts out tonight. Maybe because i have a few or so….. before i go to to sleep i guess, Thats if i can can. So recently i been having these crazy #ideas on how to expand my #creativity to the next level & frankly I’m not […]

Legend Costume Designer > Edith Head <

Edith Head

Edith Head: The Most Talented- Creative- &- Unique Costume Designer A.k.A> The Doctor.

Ive admired her designs for many years, but recently became more intrigue in her designs, which i think it can help me develop more interesting designs in my side.

One of my Favorite quotes >> EDITH HEAD >>>>

What a costume designer does is a cross between magic and camouflage. We create the illusion of changing the actors into what they are not. We ask the public to believe that every time they see a performer on the screen he’s become a different person. E.D

Auditioning for ” Cielito Lindo ” an Independent Film By Johnny C

Auditioning for

Well, about an 1/2 an hr ago, i got a call from Johnny. Asking if i was willing to audition for the lead role ” Cielito Lindo” Playing > Susy Castillo. Film will be filmed in the East Los Angeles and Pico Rivera Area.This film will be about the struggles of College students, Family matters and Violence in east L.A.

Im Pretty Stoked,yet nervous. However i think it will be a great experience for me. Lets just hope i make the Lead Role and dont Freak out reading the script. lol…

On the other hand if i make the Role for ” Cielito Lindo” … it will be AWESOME!…. Ive always been Curious and Intrigue when it comes to acting. I think Playing different Roles and characters is a fantastic way to Entertain the Public.

Lookign forward and i will keep u all posted on the Status of this Amazing opportunity 🙂

Cielito Lindo By: Johnny Campos ( UCLA Film Major)
Audition Date:November 16th

Beautiful Hair-Piece By: The Amazing Hat Designer ” Philip Tracy” (Inspiration #4)

Beautiful Hair-Piece By: The Amazing Hat Designer

Came across this beautiful HAIRPIECE on this website. I think its amazingly made. The Construction and Details are Phenomenal. I know it looks a bit bazaar for some people, to me its just a piece of ART laying someone freezy hair.

Designer: Philip Tracy

August 13,2012 @10:04pm

Raggedy Tiff Photo-shoot 2012

Raggedy Tiff Photo-shoot 2012

On August 11, 2012: Carlos Ponce & Edgar Urizar shot #Amazing Photos of myself & Accessories including the #Handmade #skull Tank Top & the Black Fringe #maxidress.

Location: In the Heart of #beautiful Downtown Los Angeles, Ca ( Art District Center). I decided to do the shoot here because the place itself is full of #Artistic & Incredible #Murals. The whole Atmosphere here is awesome.When your working at a location where the vibe is eccentric and vivid it just feels perfect to be and to work at.

Huge Thanks to Carlos Ponce and Edgar Urizar for their Hard work and Incredible Photos. Please make sure to Contact them if you needs any shoots or Videos. I will show their links down below.

Thanks a lot and Stay tune for my http://www.raggedytiff.com

Love: Jessica Resendiz >>>>>>> August 12, 2012 @3:40pm

Black & White -Necklace- by #KateSpace (Inspirations #3 )

Black & White -Necklace- by #KateSpace  (Inspirations #3 )

So yesterday i was in Old Town #Pasadena doing a bit of shopping and see whats trending. Came across this #beautiful piece or huge #pearls and Beads on an employee that worked for Kate Space. Huge -Thanks- to this #awesome lady for posing for me and being my model for that moment!…

BTW: Dosent she look like #BetseyJohnson?. 😉

Peace&Happiness: Jessica Resendiz #raggedytiff