San Francisco….. Future Home

San Francisco..... Future Home

Even if the weather sucks….. Im moving here when i retire ….
i know its far from reaching that point, but I’m moving to beautiful SF.

Everything from the City to the Fashion Atmosphere… This is the Place to catch a glimpse of everything….

i guess we shall see what the future holds… but in my plans this where i want to end up…

Love: Jess #raggedytiff

just lil advise……

just lil advise......

Don’t be quitter….. Learn to be open and always be ready to take chances and risk’s in life!…

Thats the only way you’ll ever LEARN-EXPERIENCE & ENJOY LIFE.

Love: Jess #raggedytiff

Designer & CEO of Raggedy Tiff – Jessica Resendiz

Designer & CEO of Raggedy Tiff - Jessica Resendiz

Looking serious in this shot –
Photographer and film Director – Carlos Ponce shot of me.
This awesome picture was taken in – Downtown Los Angeles
at the – Art District at Mateo & 6th st.
I know you can’t see the mural behind me, but this masterpiece was done by the Talented Artist – Retna

Purpose for this Photoshoot…. Well most of the pictures taken at this location was for -Raggedy Tiff Website thats is coming soon on
December 15th, 2012. Stay Tune! 🙂

-Jessica Resendiz