Moment of True….

In a couple days, i will be announcing the Name Brand of my Kids Collection. I been working on the name for a few months already & finally today i made the final decision, ofcourse with the Help of my boyfriend. The Name for my Kids Collection relates a lot to Raggedy Tiff, yet it has more of a playful, whimsical, & spontaneous feel. Working on a Kids Collection can be challenging sometimes,You have to have a huge imagination on developing a kids line. I think it made it a little easier because i have a 6 year old daughter whom iv'e learned alot throughout the years. I got to study her feelings, reactions and most of all her taste for fashion. With that being said: i think that this collection will be pretty succesfull in my opinion, i can't wait to reveal the name and the collection.For the meantime stay tune and alert.

Love: Jess

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