Hello ( Hola!) Everyone & Thanks for stopping by my Blog.

As the year is ending and we are approaching a blooming new year #2016 I wanted to take the time to say few words, or maybe a lot lol.

I wanted to start by saying THANK YOU! for allowing me share my passion and creativity with you all. For many that have been following me since I started back in 2013 & to many that just recently started following me and supporting my brand. Its completely an honor to share all my craft with people that believe in me, design & creativity. It amazes to see people around the world wearing #raggedytiff with pride & honor .

I want to create for the world, for the women that holds their roots with Fuerza y Honor. Nothing makes me happier to see a women being #proud of their cultura and embracing it with jewelry & wearable pieces.

This year has been completely busy with major shows, pop-ups & designing non-stop ,but let me tell you that I wouldn’t change it for nothing. This is My passion, Mi Vida & what god gift me with. I’m just lucky to share it with you all beautiful gente!. Let this year be the beginning of many greats outcomes and journey.


I Love you all dearly!

Love: Jessica. R ( Designer & Founder) for #raggedytiff


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