Well Hello Everyone & Happy Viernes (Friday)!

Fiuuuuuu ! Finally Friday after a long week at work and at the office.

So I wanted to share my newest piece that I will be adding to my S/S #fridaporvida collection (releasing this May 19th ). This season I decided to bring to life my Friduchita illustration into an everyday Handbag. A handbag that’s spacious, durable & simply once of a kind. It will definitely be eye catching to the public.

This will be my 2nd Handbag for my line @raggedytiff, and definitely not the last. Growing up and up to now I been a Handbag lover and collector of various purses from locals to designers. I love mix matching my style and closet, & what better way to make something to share with the world.

This handbag will be releasing ( Thursday May 19th) on my online store http://www.raggedytiff.com  I will also have the option for everyone to ( Pre-Order this handbag) more details on my Instagram @raggedytiff .


Thank You All!

Love: Jess.R

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