Como La Flor by: Jessica Resendiz (RAGGEDYTIFF)

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Happy Thursday Everyone!

We are close to the weekend and for the #selenafangathering & Birthday Celebration taking place this Saturday 4/16/16 at Plaza De La Raza in Los Angeles,CA .I’m extremely excited to be part of this event and display my piece name ” Como La Flor” an avant garde gown dedicated to Selena Quintanilla. This Beautiful Piece took over 1 month to be designed and to be completed. I wanted to incorporate a huge ROSA and sparkly details because I knew Selena loved Sparkly and ¬†vibrant colors.

I hope you all get to see the piece in person and take pictures of it and if not I made this slideshow for you all to see the details, the piece and the gown. Hope you all love it as much as I do!.

Love: Jessica.R

Photos are mix from 2 of my favorite photographers

Carlos Ponce @carlos_ponce_


Carlos Perez @nixdad


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