New Journey ……

Happy Friday Everyone! Today is definitely a Happy & Bittersweet Friday. So let me share with you all a little story about me. A very few of you know a bit about my personal life , And many don’t.  So let me start by sharing a little bit of what’s going on. 4 years ago I started working […]

Dear Mami….

In Honor of Dia De Las Madres ( 10 De Mayo) In Mexico we celebrate Dia  De Las Madres on May 10th & in honor I wanted to post something very special to heart. I don’t always post anything personal on here, but there’s days like this that have a meaning & I wanted to […]

Happy Birthday Selena ! 4/16/16

  Hello Ladies! Its been quite a while that written anything here on my blog and I apologize. Its been really busy on my side with a huge show coming up, work and family. BUT! here I am keeping up with you all ladies and share with you all a little recap with the last […]