Happy Birthday Selena ! 4/16/16


Hello Ladies!

Its been quite a while that written anything here on my blog and I apologize. Its been really busy on my side with a huge show coming up, work and family. BUT! here I am keeping up with you all ladies and share with you all a little recap with the last event I had. The Selena Fan Gathering was a success and with so much love all around. From Music to food and great performances from great singers and musicians. There was also beautiful art work on display from talented artist, Their work was extremely beautiful in person.

Last, But not least the showcase of my ” Como La Flor” Avant Garde Gown. It was an honor and privilege for me to showcase such a lovely piece in honor Selena Birthday. I cannot express how grateful and amazing the love was felt. The feedback and peoples reaction, Simply mind blowing and simply thankful to share my passion with many people who appreciate my craft.

Overall this event was such an honor and success and anyone that missed it this year can definitely come next year.

Cant wait to show you all what ill be doing next year!

xoxo ~ Jess.R


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