Dear Mami….


In Honor of Dia De Las Madres ( 10 De Mayo)

In Mexico we celebrate Dia  De Las Madres on May 10th & in honor I wanted to post something very special to heart. I don’t always post anything personal on here, but there’s days like this that have a meaning & I wanted to share with you all. This picture was probably taken on a summer weekend in the coastal beaches of San Diego. I was about 3yrs old and living the life of a toddler. I don’t know if you can see, but if you look closer I’m holding onto stuffed animals and perhaps a baby doll toy. I was never a Barbie lover, however now I’m one vintage barbie collector. I love collecting 1960’s barbies mostly limited edition ones. I guess people really do change throughout the years.

So why did I choose this picture over other pictures ?

Well …..

It shows my mom, myself, the beach & a huge heart my dad drew on the sand. Its my Parents initials and its my dad writing so I wanted to make sure it included the 3 of us. My Parents have always lived near the ocean and my mom always likes going till this day. I remember my dad use to take both of us for pick nicks, Cinco de Mayo, 4th of July , Fishing and Surfing. It was always ” Vamos a la Playa”

This picture brings up so many beautiful memories with my mom and my family that’s why I chose this picture. It also reminds me that a mothers love is so strong and unconditional from when you are young to now.

Remember to always appreciate your mother & father . Mothers Day and Fathers Day should be everyday.

xoxo~ Jess.R



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