New Journey ……


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today is definitely a Happy & Bittersweet Friday.

So let me share with you all a little story about me.

A very few of you know a bit about my personal life , And many don’t.  So let me start by sharing a little bit of what’s going on.

4 years ago I started working for an apparel manufacturing company to pursue my knowledge, skills and gain experience. I cannot mention the name of the company for security reasons, but this company was by far the best job I’ve ever had. This company was more then just a company, but family oriented and very close to heart.

Well sometimes in life things come to an end and change is needed. So this  March I decided to leave my full time job to pursue my passion in design and business for it was a hard decision to fulfill, but a very much needed decision that I needed to make sooner or later. Unfortunately I’m not a robot and I can’t manage a full time job, a full time business and aside of that take care of my 10yr old daughter. It becomes tiring, stressful and unhealthy. So with the help of my fiancé Carlos, professional advice and a months & months of planning I made the decision to spread my wings out and follow my heart.

I’m extremely excited and definitely looking forward to running, managing and designing for my own company/business RaggedyTiff. It’s seriously a dream come true to be able to do something you LOVE so much and spend  110% more time . That’s what excites me the most to be able to wake up everyday and hustle for what’s mine.

Back in 2013 when I made the choice to build a brand it was thoughtfully thought, but never knew how in the world I was going to do it. It was a scary step, but little by little it grew. Almost like a rose : When you want to grow some roses in your garden and in order to make sure they bloom they need care,attention, & love. And that’s what happens when you start a  brand!! You start from scratch and throughout the journey you see it bloom. It wont be easy at all and it wont be impossible either , You just need to be passionate and ready for the ups and downs.

With that being said !

I hope you all got a little inspired and motivated to go out to the world and get what’s yours, because nothing in this world will be handled to us! YOU have to take action, work hard & believe in your passion ( Never forget that)

So what’s next!

So much you guys!! And one of them is my upcoming  Pop-Up Showcasing my new Summer #fridaporvida  next month June 30th . I will be having my new pieces for a whole month at this shop where you can come and shop, chat & get inspired! This shop will also consist of art pieces from talented artist. Goodies from pastries to fresh flowers ! I’m so excited for you all to come and witness this in person.

1st Pop-Up is June 30th ( Details on this flyer)

with special guest : @Aliciasdelicias



Hope to see you all!!!

Love: Jess.R



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