Growing Up …..


Growing up I was never the one to follow other kids fashion styles. I wanted to stand out, be unique & have unusual trends. I wasn’t given the luxury to buy high end pieces as a kid, & even if I had the opportunity to i probably wouldn’t be happy with the clothing anyways.I grew up re-making and making my own clothes : from tops,jackets, shoes & backpacks.  At that time I didn’t know about “fashion” neither too much about brands. My fashion inspirations mainly came from reading books, magazines & watching the magic school bus . I knew i was different, but didn’t know why until kids started to make fun of my clothing and asked why my clothing was always “weird ” looking . I’m not going to lie to you , but sometimes my feelings got hurt . I got over it and I never stopped being me and since then I’m still making my own clothing. I believe that when you start something you fully believe in its grows with you for the rest of your life. It’s a beautiful experience you learn to cherish, treasure and to be PROUD of . Never let anyone dull your shine and always be ” Different” different can lead to many great adventures and one in a lifetime opportunities.

On another note , here’s my bloody red fringe crossover bag I designed . Inspired by the love I have for “Roses” & “Mazapan”  . I been extremely busy I forgot to treat myself to something of my very own . I love it and it’s all Me ❤🌹



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