Arriba Las Mujeres ! Announcement


Buenos Dias Everyone!

Happy Tuesday !!

Sorry its taken me a long time to write on my blog …… Life has been extremely busy and well you know.  Priorities first.

I wanted to catch up with you and share with you all some exciting news for 2018 🙂

2 things actually ….

  1. Arriba Las Mujeres ( Como Tu ) 2018 Tour – This tour will consist of Motivational Speaking and celebrating the force of a Mujer ( Women ).
  2. & the reveal of my Con Amor by Jess.R Collection debuting late 2018 – Its taken my a long time to reveal this collection, but I promise it’ll be worth it :).

As the time gets closer Ill share more details on the above info. But for the meantime get ready to join me on this 2018 journey because together we can change the world.

Last ,but not least ….

Im going to be more active here on my blogs at least blog 1-2 times a week. How do ya’ll feel about that ?

with that being said:

Gracias for all continuous support & love !

I love you all so much

Con Amor y Paz: Jess.R 


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