Hola Everyone !

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Hello Everyone !

How’s Everyone doing on this lovely Wednesday ( maybe for many not so lovely )

As you can see…. IG and FB have been down for the last few hours and ohhhhh MY GOD! its been a crazy , YET calm and soothing day for me . To be honest one of the calmest and peaceful day for me. It also reminded me how #life was before technology and social media.

Growing up in the mid 90’s we didn’t have what we have now . The first introduction to the internet was in the 5th grade and slowly started getting into the groove by 7th/8th grade when MAC was introduce to me ( Remember that blue futuristic Macintosh)  with the clear keyboard ? lol… yes that MAC computer.

& let me tell you when i was first introduce to Social Media >>> like AOL MSN , Cpixel, Blogger and then BOOM!!!! MYSPACE came into my life ….  Where i found it very fun and full of curiosity. I felt like myspace let me use my imagination and create the bomb–esttt !! timeline and features (Kinds miss that lol) But then Technology decided that it was not that cool and like that it was OVER.

This also reminds that not a lot of things in life last forever and that technology is moving rapidly and very FAST… .so fast sometimes i cant keep up. This also brought to my attention that we need to be prepare for glitches like whats happening with social media ( IG and FB) . Especially for businesses like myself that are run about 90% on the phone and these kind of social medias platforms we use. So instead of freaking out and feeling frustrated i decided to share these tips with you all ( specially if you own a small business )

  • Have a back up plan
  • Dont always rely on one or two social media platforms
  • Have more then one ( i say 4/5) different social platforms where you can connect with your followers or clients
  • Dont forget about updating your BLOG if you have one ( it happened to me )
  • Make a blog its free ( i use WordPress , been using it since 2010)
  • Be consisted on your blog post ( post at-least 1/2 a week )
  • Newsletters ( update and communicate with your subscribers )
  • Have a Website where people can find you, connect and contact you
  • DONT FREAK OUT !! instead stay calm and find solutions
  • Again have a BACK UP PLAN

Hope these tips and reminders help you out on times like these. Soon it will be over and we will forget , BUT please remember that nothing is forever and we have to be ready for anything.

For the meantime you can Find me at

email: raggedytiff@gmail.com

website: http://www.raggedytiff.com

or write to me at


PO BOX 57393


Con Amor your Girl : Jess Resendiz 

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