About: Welcome Bloggers, Fans, & Friends…. Enjoy my everyday Journey as a Designer….

Hi There! Bloggers, Fans and Friends

Welcome to my Raggedy Tiff Blog! I appreciate you guys taking the time to Explore my Brand and have a glance of my Designs, Collections, Sketches, Jewelry, Adventures, Life and so on….

My Name is Jessica Resendiz, a Designer who is based in Los Angeles, CA. I started designing and creating clothes at the age of 9. Became deeply passionate in my early teens and by my Senior year in High school i knew i wanted to be a Designer and pursue a career in the Fashion Industry. Just last year i Graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise – Majoring in Fashion Product Development. Throughout college  my skills and creativity expanded from Developing a brand to sewing an actual silhouette of my own. A year before graduating FIDM, i created – Raggedy Tiff – A brand specializing in Hair-Pieces, Jewelry and Women’s Apparel. All my pieces are hand-made by me and are uniquely exquisite. My Designs come from my curious imaginations and are inspirired by my Mexican Culture, Sugar Skulls, Gardens, Art, Film, & Avant Garde. I continuously keep exploring the world to bring my Clients the Very Best i can and As long as god gives me the Strength, Energy and Creativity to further my journey as a designer i will do my very BEST to make you all BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE pieces. Thank you all for Supporting and appreciating my Collection – Raggedy Tiff – . A Special- Thanks- to my Beautiful Daughter Tiffany and my Fiance Carlos for admiring, supporting, and Believing in ME.

~LOVE: Jessica Resendiz  6.19.12 @11:10pm



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