Arriba Las Mujeres ! Announcement

  Buenos Dias Everyone! Happy Tuesday !! Sorry its taken me a long time to write on my blog …… Life has been extremely busy and well you know.  Priorities first. I wanted to catch up with you and share with you all some exciting news for 2018 🙂 2 things actually …. Arriba Las […]

C O M I N G – 2 0 1 7 –

  HOLA CHICAS! y CHICOS ! Happy Thursday 🙂 Its been a longggg while i haven’t been here on my blog, But super excited to be back and be able to catch up with you all. Honestly i been crunched and caught up on tons of work and orders. Running my business has been non-stop […]

Shop Small these holidays

  Hola! Ladies Hope everyone is having a wonderful day ❤ i wanted to jump on here and spread the word for these holidays. As you can see holidays are approaching and is that time of year again. Remember to shop small this holiday and support small businesses on the grind. Wether its a jeweler, […]

A M O R – E T E R N O

Oh Fall where have you been all this time….. As i prepare for my new collection #AMORETERNO to release October 6th im also anxious to prepare for the following events below . If in the L.A area please make sure to come by and support the following events ill be part of. I will be […]

Growing Up …..

Growing up I was never the one to follow other kids fashion styles. I wanted to stand out, be unique & have unusual trends. I wasn’t given the luxury to buy high end pieces as a kid, & even if I had the opportunity to i probably wouldn’t be happy with the clothing anyways.I grew […]

New Journey ……

Happy Friday Everyone! Today is definitely a Happy & Bittersweet Friday. So let me share with you all a little story about me. A very few of you know a bit about my personal life , And many don’t.  So let me start by sharing a little bit of what’s going on. 4 years ago I started working […]

Dear Mami….

In Honor of Dia De Las Madres ( 10 De Mayo) In Mexico we celebrate Dia  De Las Madres on May 10th & in honor I wanted to post something very special to heart. I don’t always post anything personal on here, but there’s days like this that have a meaning & I wanted to […]