To my Angel… Selena Quintanilla





3/30/16 – 1:18pm

Dear Selena,

Just wanted to take some time out of my busy schedule to say few words and to see how are you doing from above. I know its been a while, but I want you to know that I still listen to you almost everyday or at least 5 days out of my week. From Pandora to my iMusic playlist on my phone, You are everywhere I go. & Yes I still watch the #selena movie at least every 3 months or so…. but what can I say my daughter Tiff and I love the movie.

There’s also plenty of great memories of you surrounding my head at the moment. One that really sticks to me is when I sang Bidi Bidi Bom Bom at a 5 De Mayo carnival in San Diego at the age of 9yrs old . I knew the song by heart and I wanted to use my new cowboy boots my mom bought me at the swap meet .That’s one of many memories I have since I was a little girl. Now 29yrs I still know the song by heart, but I don’t wear cowboy boots anymore lol. As you get older in life things and people change, but I think there’s certain things in life that remain in our hearts. Selena La Reina Del TexMex is one of them. No matter if the years go by your legacy and spirit still lives in our hearts. Or at least in my heart.

I also wanted to let you know that here in Los Angeles, Ca there will be a #Selenafangathering on your birthday April 16 at this gallery location call La Plaza De La Raza. Everyone is excited to gather and celebrate your birthday dear. Wished you can be here and see it in person, but I know wherever you are you will be here in spirit dancing Bidi Bidi Bom Bom  with us. Its my first time attending the gathering and I’m thrilled to see the whole event , I’ll make sure to post pics so that you can see the event.

OH! & I almost forgot to tell you I’m designing something very special for you to wear! Its probably the most beautiful piece I have ever designed, I have a feeling you will love it. I been working very hard to make this piece simply breathtaking for you & I hope you love it as much as I do. I been posting BTS pics and videos on my social media little by little & as soon as im done with the piece ill make sure I post a picture for you to see. The Gown is call “Como La Flor” inspired by your song. I made sure I used very unique and exquisite fabrics so that its stands out. About 80% of the work is all hand sewn and handcrafted and the rest is machine sewn. Its coming along great and I’m excited to display it at the Selena Fan Gathering next month. I’m a little nervous to have it on display, but this is for you and I’m proud of making something special for someone that means a lot to me.


I hope you find this letter fine. & remember that everything we do here for you is because of you. Until we meet again!.

Con Mucho Amor : Jessica Resendiz

P.S I also made this frame for you and to share with the world. I wanted to make something incorporating red roses, unique font, and your smile on this frame. The image of you is not mine so don’t worry I wont be making any merchandise out of it , due to respect and rights. Hope you like it ! ❤






San Diego! I’m coming to you 3/19/16



Hope Everyone had a beautiful weekend.

I wanted to share with you all what’s going on for this weekend.

I will be in beautiful San Diego this Saturday at the most beautiful shop in downtown SD

CasaArtelexia located at

2400 Kettner Blvd.

San Diego,CA  92101 ( from 12-4pm)

Come on by and join us for a lovely afternoon with food, drinks and treats.

I will be showcasing my current and some new pieces at this event. Along with me would be joining Alicia Delicias and ChaCha Covers.


Make sure to come on by and join the FUN!!


xoxo Nos Vemos San Diego!   ❤

FridaPorvida Collection (Pre-Order)


& Today is the BIG PRE-ORDER DAY for these 4 exquisite Friduchita pieces. Now until February 25th you have the chance to pre-order these pieces. Please note that this secures a delivery date 1/2 weeks before the actual release date June 23rd,2016 . And not to mention every pre-order includes a FREE Friduchita 4×6 Print ( on me 🙂 )

This Collection features a re-design illustration inspired by #fridakahlo using my own vision and adding glory to this illustration. I wanted to incorporate a beautiful and detailed folklorico dress that will captures peoples attention. I Also added beautiful vibrant roses to her headpiece it reminds me that she was a great blooming soul.

The 4pcs on this collection have to be my favorite pieces of the collection. Not because I designed these, but because these are the kind of pieces I mostly use and wear most of the time.

I Hope everyone gets the chance to owe at least one of my pieces and please know that nothing makes me more happy to see someone else wearing my designs with PRIDE and JOY!.

LOVE: Jess.R ❤

To order please visit

Siempre Contigo (3.3.16)


Hello Everyone!

Happy Martes ( Tuesday) Hope you all had a phenomenal weekend full of blooming love and hugs. My Valentines day was delightful we didn’t do too much or over the top, but we spent lots of quality time together and simply enjoyed the beauty of the oceans, breeze and scenery. Santa Barbara is our getaway from the Valley & City , it sure helps us a lot to recharge and get inspirations.

Well lets get back to reality ! lol, and let me all update you with what’s going on and what im  releasing soon! As many already know this season im releasing two collection

  1. Siempre Contigo ( Releasing March 3,2016
  2. Frida PorVida Part ll ( Releasing Early May)

My 1st S/S collection is releasing in 2-weeks How Exciting! This Blooming collection focuses in bold, vivid and exquisite Roses all inspired by the “Rosas” and Selena ( Como La Flor ) . This collection focuses on Apparel and Accessories from Handmade sewn rosas to embroidery socks. From one of a kind Rosa statement jewelry to unique tank tops. I Cannot wait for all you ladies to see the final pieces and collection, but im more excited to have people wearing my pieces real soon.

So mark your calendars ladies the release date will be on March3, 2016 at Midnight .

Love: Jess.R ❤



Chilaquiles Full of Color


Chilaquiles in full effect! :0

Earlier this morning i decided to make myself a little delicious breakfast using my Aunt Adela’s Colorful tortillas she made. & All from scratch! This past weekend i went to visit my parents and familia in San Diego , & nothing better then homemade dishes and tortillas a mano ( and colorful) gosssssh it was delicious.

So since i have plenty of tortillas left i decided to make chilaquiles verdes ( my special recipe) and share with you all the final results and of course the recipe. As pretty as it looks, believe ME! it was delicious. So heres what use to make these chilaquilles.

Chilaquilles Verdes

** 1-2 ppl servings **

  • 5-6 corn tortillas ( La Mission ect or from your local supermarket)
  • Slice the tortillas in strips or triangles like ( Pizza slices)
  • Heat up your pan in Medium and add cooking oil enough to fried the tortillas.
  • Put the slice of tortillas on the pan and fry them as crispy as you can.
  • After the tortillas are crispy and cooked take them out and place them on a plate to clean up the oil. Let them sit there until they are dry for 2-5 min.
  • Using the same cooking oil from the tortillas i cracked 2 eggs (sunny side style)
  • After place the eggs on a different plate
  • Now using the same pan, CLEAN out the oil and all the leftovers.
  • For the sauce i either make my own or use ( Hernez chile verde sauce) it works perfect.
  • Pour it on the pan and let it sit there and heat up for 1-2 min ( or as desire)
  • After its heat up place the crispy tortillas on the chile verde sauce and stir for 1 min.
  • & Tada!
  • Ready to serve.
  • Place chilaquilles on a plate add the sunny side eggs on top
  • I like mine with ( Queso fresco , Avocado, & slices of chile on top) You can also add sour cream for more flavor!.
  • Hope this helps and please ENJOY!!!

Mariscos Heaven! Oh Cielos


Ugh!! Doesn’t this look marvelous and delicioso ! Mariscos with Tortillas Rositas (in pink tortillas). For anyone that truly knows me, knows how I feel towards food. The smell, the taste and of course presentation is what always intrigues me. And when I’m not designing ,then im cooking from Mexican food to Italian food. I love cooking and inventing new dishes as much as I can , & NO! im not trying to be chef I just LOVE the whole experience of cooking new plates and eating . Eating and trying different type of foods are a must. Not only I enjoy eating, but cooking helps me to distress from my job and business at @raggedytiff. It helps me to soothe down and relax to a better me.

Anyways! just thought I would share a little bit of Mariscos and my love for food. I happen to follow this this food page call#portobuzios on IG and Facebook . Check them out for great dishes and savory food pics. Super sad they are located in Queretaro, Mexico (my hometown ) but it doesn’t hurt to support their page.

Love: Jess.R ❤



Well Hello Everyone & Happy Viernes (Friday)!

Fiuuuuuu ! Finally Friday after a long week at work and at the office.

So I wanted to share my newest piece that I will be adding to my S/S #fridaporvida collection (releasing this May 19th ). This season I decided to bring to life my Friduchita illustration into an everyday Handbag. A handbag that’s spacious, durable & simply once of a kind. It will definitely be eye catching to the public.

This will be my 2nd Handbag for my line @raggedytiff, and definitely not the last. Growing up and up to now I been a Handbag lover and collector of various purses from locals to designers. I love mix matching my style and closet, & what better way to make something to share with the world.

This handbag will be releasing ( Thursday May 19th) on my online store  I will also have the option for everyone to ( Pre-Order this handbag) more details on my Instagram @raggedytiff .


Thank You All!

Love: Jess.R

Planning a Boda (Wedding)


& It has begun!

Planning a wedding has become quite a journey. But Every min and time has been exciting & a learning experience. From locations, theme, concept AH! you name it . I will be blogging about our #wedding journey on here perhaps show you guys sneak peak images.

Any Tips & Advice ! are welcome , pls comment below! Thank you ❤

Interview for SuperMamas!


Hola Everyone!!!

Happy Tuesday 🙂

Super Happy to share with you all my 1st Podcast interview with 2 amazing ladies Founders & Hosts of #Supermamas @supermamas. I will link the full interview down below.

The interview took place last Friday, but Aired on my 29th Birthday January 11th, super rad. So! let me start by saying that the location where I got interviewed was at their restaurant ( La Guelaguetza) Located in Korea Town in LA. The most Exquisite, Beautiful, & One of a kind restaurant ive ever seen. The Colors, the setting, the décor , OMG & their food! its simply amazing !. & not saying this because they are too kind, but its the honest truth. Because of my schedule, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the restaurant, but it was definitely on my bucket list. They also have daily Musicos playing beautiful musica for their guest. Definitely worth a trip to experience and eat a great authentic dish. Todo stilo Oaxaqueno!!!.

The Ladies Creators and Hosts of SuperMamas are Bricia & Paulina both sisters and great on what they do, they definitely made me & my daughter feel at home. Had a phenomenal time discussing my daily routines as a mother, designer you name it. The 1hr went by too fast and Tiff and I had such a great time. We discussed from being a mommy , my business & taking care of myself. Plenty of chit-chatting and to hear more please visit


Thank You All! for listening

Love: Jess.R





Hello ( Hola!) Everyone & Thanks for stopping by my Blog.

As the year is ending and we are approaching a blooming new year #2016 I wanted to take the time to say few words, or maybe a lot lol.

I wanted to start by saying THANK YOU! for allowing me share my passion and creativity with you all. For many that have been following me since I started back in 2013 & to many that just recently started following me and supporting my brand. Its completely an honor to share all my craft with people that believe in me, design & creativity. It amazes to see people around the world wearing #raggedytiff with pride & honor .

I want to create for the world, for the women that holds their roots with Fuerza y Honor. Nothing makes me happier to see a women being #proud of their cultura and embracing it with jewelry & wearable pieces.

This year has been completely busy with major shows, pop-ups & designing non-stop ,but let me tell you that I wouldn’t change it for nothing. This is My passion, Mi Vida & what god gift me with. I’m just lucky to share it with you all beautiful gente!. Let this year be the beginning of many greats outcomes and journey.


I Love you all dearly!

Love: Jessica. R ( Designer & Founder) for #raggedytiff